Access to Hidakagawa Town


  —From Wakayama—

    • Drive on the Hanwa expressway ~Yuasa Gobo expressway, get off at Kawabe interchange.
    • Drive to the south on Route 42 and in Gobo City turn left before crossing of the Noguchi Bridge.
    • JR kisei line get off at the Dojoji station.



■ Location and Traffic

Hidakagawa Town is located in the middle area of Wakayama Prefecture and the middle part of the Hidaka River flows through the town, Hidakagawa Town is 331.61 square kilometers in area and approximately 90% of the land is covered by forest. The area of the town occupies 7% of wakayama Prefecture. We have two train stations: Dojoji station and Wasa station. You can also enter the kinki Express Way at the Kawabe Interchange. It takes about 60 minutes to drive to Wakayama City and 150 minutes to Osaka. The town is connected to the surrounding areas mainly by Route 424, the Gobo Miyama line which goes along the Hidaka River from East to West, the Gobo Nakatsu line, the Funatsu Wasa line and other prefectural roads.