Outline Of Town

■ Terrain and Climate

The Hidaka River crosses the center of the town. Along its length you can see the terrain change from the mountains in the east to the flatlands in the west. This climate is relatively warm and the temperature is about 16℃.annuel average. The amount of annual average rainfall is about 1600 millimeters according to the Kawabe AMeDAS.


■ Emblem of town

This emblem describes Hidakagawa town.
   The circumference stands for the sun and the harmony of the town and 2 villages. In the circle, the green mountains and the blue, clean river stream are pictured. Generally, this shows the harmony of each town, rich nature and the resident’s wishes for the town’s vitality, development and living in tune with nature.



■ Industry

● Agriculture and Forestry

The basic industry of Hidakagawa town is agriculture and forestry. The town has been developed for a long time thanks to the Hidaka river which crosses the center of the town and the warm climate.
   The cultivation of citrus fruits such as unshu mandarin, amanatsu, shiranui, and vegetables such as peas, broccoli, bitter gourd is prosperous. Unsyu mandarin is especially popular with a stable quality in the nation. Cultivation of apricot, mushroom and senryo a kind of shrub is also prosperous in the mountain.
 In the forestry industry, we promote the cedar and cypress, and recommend to produce and consume them in our area. The production of binchotan charcoal is the biggest in Japan.

■ Sister City Exchanges

   ● Izumiotsu city (Osaka Prefecture)

Corporated with Nakatsu Village in April 30,2002

   ● Osakasayama city (Osaka Prefecture)

      Corporated with Miyama Village in May of 2000


■ History

In 2005, May 1. Hidakagawa town, Nakatsu and Miyama villages merged into Hidakagawa town.
   Here is the explanation of the town.

    • On January 1955, Nyu village, Yata village and Hayaso village merged into Kawabe town.
    • On August 1956, Funatsuki village and Kawanaka village merged into Nakatsu village.
    • On April 1962, Tonogawa district in Nakatsu village was merged and then later, was incorporated into Kawabe town.
    • On November 15 2002, “Kawabe town, Nakatsu village, Miyama village merger Association” was organized.
    • On March 4 2004, the name “Hidakagawa town ”was decided as a name of the new town.
    • On May 1, in 2005, “Hidakagawa town” was born.