Dojoji was built in 701. There are many cultural assets such as the Senju Kannon Bosatsu(a national treasure), Nio Mon Gate(an important cultural asset) and Hondo main building(an important cultural asset).
 Dojoji is performed in Kabuki and Bunraku plays. The story goes that a girl fell in love with a monk. He promised to see her again. But he changed his mind. Her anger changed her face into that of a serpent. He asked his refuge in Dojoji and hid under a giant bell. She was so angered that she circled the bell for hours eventually turning into a fire breathing serpent. Finally, when they lifted the bell, they found the poor monk had burned to death. A festival honoring the story is held on April 27.


Adult                         600yen

Under 12years old      300yen


Open everyday



Access to Dojoji Temple


By railway (JR)

From JR Dojoji Station 5 minutes on foot

By car

8 minutes from Kawabe IC, Hanwa expressway