The Great People of Hidakagawa


Yoshizawa Ayame


Yoshizawa Ayame was a predominant kabuki actor who played female roles from the Genroku Era to the kyoho Era. He was born in the Takatsuo area of Hidakagawa Town and was fascinated by the art. So he left the village, but couldn’t forget his hometown. He got a stage name imagining the beautiful ayame, iris blooming in the mountains, of Takatsuo. He became the highest rank of the actors at that time. It is said that “Taiheiki”,”jigokue” and so on were well received. Today, there is a monument at his birthplace, where ayame, the iris flowers bloom in early Summer in Hidakagawa Town.


 Ihara Saikaku


Ihara Saikaku is known as a writer of Edo-period realistic literature or “ukiyozoushi” such as “koushoku goninn onna” and “koushokuichidai otoko” among other works. It is a widely believed theory that he was from Hidakagawa Town. After the discovery of his family crest on his haori, a Japanese formal coat and his self-portrait, the belief that he was born in Hidakagawa town received confirmation and public attention. In Misogi, a monument was built by the Ihara family. The monument celebrates Ihara Saikaku who expresses the town’s culture through his unique writing.



 Ihara Yonosuke


Ihara Yonosuke who was “Daisyoya” of “Nakayama” was called ”Misogi Yanosuke” by local people because of his house in the Misogi area. He was known as a open-minded character and was popular among people. He devoted his whole life to public work. When he challenged public businesses, but he was blamed by an administrator and executed at 38 years old. His greatest achievement was conveyed to the next generation and has been told to people in Hidakagawa town as folklore.