Nakatsu Hot spring, Ayame no yu Narutaki

Nakatsu Hot spring, Ayame no yu Narutaki, which is adjacent to Narutaki camp site opened in the summer of 1997. There is an open air bath on the second floor, and you can enjoy the view of Narutaki while taking a bath. It is extremely comfortable to relax in the bath after you have enjoyed taking a walk, plying golf or playing tennis, nearby.

The natural hot spring of good quality will reduce your fatigue from travelling. You will feel like coming to the hot spring every day. Even on weekdays, people from other towns come here especially for this hot spring. There are the big and small bathhouses, an open air bath and a bath which you can use with your family (reservation needed). Also you can relax in the big hall and bring your food and drinks to enjoy.




sodium, sodium bicarbonate



neuralgia, muscular pain, arthritis, frozen shoulder, bruise, sprain, chronic disease of digestive organ, hemorrhoids, poor circulation, convalescence, health care, cut, burn, dermatitis and so on


Bathing: Contraindication

Acute diseases (especially fever), tuberculosis, malignant tumors, heart disease, anemia, pregnant (especially early and late term) and other diseases


Bathing Fee

Adult (above junior high school student)             500yen

Child (3years old ~ elementary school student)        250yen


Business hours
Sat. Sun. Holiday      AM10:30~PM9:00

Weekdays            AM11:30~PM8:00


Regular holidays
Every Wednesdays (when Wed. is holiday, Thursday.)

Dec 30, 31 Jan 1


※ You can enter 30 minutes before closing.
※ The business hours during summer season change, so please inquire in advance