The Miyama Medical Treatment Hot spring


Admission Fee

520 yen  Adult

210 yen  Child

(below elementary school age)


neuralgia, muscular pain, arthritis, frozen

shoulder, bruise, sprain, chronic disease

of digestive organ, hemorrhoids, poor

circulation, convalescence, health care,

cut, burn, dermatitis



Bathing: Contraindication

Acute diseases (especially fever),

tuberculosis, malignant tumors, heart

disease, anemia, pregnant (especially

early and late term) and other diseases

Accommodation Fee

2620 yen  Adult

1570 yen  Child (below elementary school age)


Please note that the Hot spring is closed every Tuesday.


Hours of Operation

A day guest

0 PM~7 PM


Check in 4 PM
Check out by 10 AM

a Japanese-style room fureai room
The hot water of this hot spring is gentle on the skin. It is a high quality and has positive effects on cuts burns, chronic skin diseases, neuralgia, muscle pain, stiff shoulders, and poor circulation. It is said that you can get smooth skin from bathing there. Many people, young and old, from the town and from other cities visit. The building is surrounded by beautiful mountains and rivers. It has a hall, kitchen, and 3 Japanese style rooms that can accommodate about 12people. There is no restaurant, so you should bring food and cook for yourself or eat out. (curfew is 7 pm.)