Hidakagawa Tourism Association

  There is the Dojoji which is a prime tourist attraction in Hidakagawa town. It is the oldest existing temple in Wakayama prefecture. The famous drama of “Anchin and Kiyohime” is set in Dojoji and numerous plays have been created based on this acient love story. Known as the “Dojoji Series”, these plays are performed through various classic arts such as Noh, Kabuki, Japanese dance and Bunraku. When you visit the upper stream in Hidaka River, you can see the most amusing echo spot known as “Yoo Hoo point”. Hidakagawa is also home to the longest wisteria trellis and Binchotan, a superior charcoal produced in the area.
 The Hidakagawa Tourism Association invites residents from other areas to experience these tourist attractions and take part in the enriching cultural events that our community has to offer.